Stockholm 2010, 21 July

The traffic junction Slussen in the midst of Stockholm was inaugurated in the 1930s. It survived up until a few years ago when the iconic design was demolished to give rise to something new and more functional for all forms of transportation and also to serve as a meeting place. During the last many years before demolition the site was in really bad shape…which may be be nice for a foolish amateur photographer…

March 2020

When we began to realize… and then there is shutdown… and one is feeling strangely calm…

06 March: Louisiana MoMA, Humlebæk
07 March: Uma Nielsen – Vidarskolen, Gentofte
07 March: Hellebæk
08-15 March: Sweden (Denmark closed its borders on the 14th)
14 March: Gravitational Ripples, artist: Lea Porsager. Situation: Blockhusudden, Stockholm.
16 March…. 10 weeks of working from home begins
20 March: Geddal strandenge, Venø bugt
21 March: Klosterheden (we took the route rounding Møllesøen on the north side)
31 March

some related info

Louisiana MoMA

Café Hammermøllen, Hellebæk


Gravitational Ripples


Geddal strandenge