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{09/MAY/2020} Still well and accepting the shutdown. Spending some time looking back and maintaining the picture library, which however is hindered by my continued production of new pictures. Can’t help it. Anyway, here are a few images from the cosy new year celebration, 31/DEC/2019, at the little Danish island Orø.

sunrise 31/DEC/2019
sunset 31/DEC/2019

/these picture and some more, see my 2020/January/Orø SmugMug gallery/


Selected impressions from the Video and Performance Festival MEETINGS 2019

…we saw only a few video installations and one sound installation…and we had only a few hours to use after work, on a moist and grey wednesday…

…we were however very impressed by the quality of the works, the installations and last but not least – how cool it was to experience the locations!

In the following, pictures without captions are independent impressions by me, shot at the location without any formal connection to the installation itself. Pictures with captions are shot by me to depict in one way or the other the installations. // Note that in the (brilliant and free) catalogue from the exhibition we find not only good descriptions of each work but also an interesting and well written story related to each of the locations, authored by Malte Tellerup (DK).

(1) Høvsørevej 62, 7650 Bøvlingbjerg
BLÆSER ved HAVET Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen (DK)
BLÆSER ved HAVET Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen (DK)
BLÆSER ved HAVET Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen (DK)
BLÆSER ved HAVET Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen (DK)
(2) Høvsørevej 49, 7650 Bøvlingbjerg
‘Making of Foghorn Requiem’ Lise Autogena & Joshua Portway (DK/UK)
‘Sample Flat Daffodil Terraces’ Katarzyna Nowak (PL/CH)
(5) Nees gl. Foderstof (kælderen), Ulfsundvej 35, 7570 Vemb
‘Vanishing Point’ Daniel Crooks (AU)
‘Vanishing Point’ Daniel Crooks (AU)
(6) Nees gl. skole, Neesvej 46, 7570 Vemb
‘The Dark Woods (RE)Visited’ Derek M. Besant (CA)
‘The Dark Woods (RE)Visited’ Derek M. Besant (CA)
(7) Frokoststuen v. Nees Japanske Have, 7570 Vemb
‘Shadow Boy and Shadow Girl’ Wuon-Gean Ho (UK)
(9) Bøgelunden øst for Skalstrup Forsamlingshus, Skalstrupvej 70, 7570 Vemb
‘The Murmuring House’ Jean-Léon Pallandre (FR)
(the end)

…as said in the beginning, we saw only some installations out of the 26 installations and/or events of the festival. We will do better next time I hope. Three days are probably needed to get around to all works. Speaking of getting around: finding the locations was no problem, due to exemplary directions in the catalogue and the discrete but effective yellow road signs at the locations. Quality!

The pictures in more handsome resolution and size, see my SmugMug gallery

Struer Tracks 2019

… just some impressions / all by me / while listening and walking through struer tracks

The Receiver :

Horn Orchestra :

En By i Rusland :

Signal to Noise Ratio :

Fables of the Wind :

Jeg kan Huske :

Alien sounds :

Prefabricated surface(s) [Kristina Fernos, Fredrik Degrér]
Dialog til Safari omkvæd [Kasper Knudsen Muusholm, Frederik Heidemann]
Erhard Mitts rejse [Mathias Riis Andersen]
Græsgænger [Mads Borre, Anders Hjortdal]
soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/graesgaenger

Night Journey :

There are 36 Ways to View Mount Fuji :

Lostisms :


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The Yoricks

at Odin Teatret 20/08/2019

“… The Yoricks is a circus performance of the souls, mixing melancholy, laughter, fear of death and nostalgia. It is a declaration of love to some of the legendary clowns of the past from Foottit and Chocolat to the Fratellini, the great Charlie Rivel and the Colombaioni brothers. In short, a tribute that Teatro tascabile gives to these famous clowns, their history and art…” from Odin Teatret web site

Presentation (Teatro Tascabile Bergamo website)

Presentation (pdf)

It was a 100% fantastic, poetic and fun experience. Promise!