The Yoricks

at Odin Teatret 20/08/2019

“… The Yoricks is a circus performance of the souls, mixing melancholy, laughter, fear of death and nostalgia. It is a declaration of love to some of the legendary clowns of the past from Foottit and Chocolat to the Fratellini, the great Charlie Rivel and the Colombaioni brothers. In short, a tribute that Teatro tascabile gives to these famous clowns, their history and art…” from Odin Teatret web site

Presentation (Teatro Tascabile Bergamo website)

Presentation (pdf)

It was a 100% fantastic, poetic and fun experience. Promise!


New music by Liz Harris, under the name of Nivhek. We also know this artist as Grouper.

After its own death 

0 – 7:48:544 Cloudmouth 
7:48:544 – 8:19:489 blue room 
8:17:503 – 11:27:011 Night-walking 
11:27:011 -16:41:254 Funeral song 
16:41:254 – 26:00:991 Thirteen (version) 
26:00:991 – 28:39:125 Crying jar 
28:39:125 – 29:29:394 Entry 
29:29:394 – 37:33:056 Walking in a spiral towards the house 
37:30:846 – end Weightless 

Walking in a spiral towards the house 

0 – 3:14:509 Night-walking 
3:14:509 – 8:37:153 Funeral song 
8:37:153 – 12:59:510 Thirteen 
12:59:510 – end Walking in a spiral towards the house 

concerning Visuals by Marcel Weber

music on Bandcamp

by thohagstrom

Introduction 1

I returned yesterday to my current home setting, Nordvestjylland, which is Danish for North West Jutland. Since precisely 4 years I have lived and worked here. I am back from a Christmas holiday in my fatherland Sweden and a New Year celebration in my second home København i.e. Copenhagen.

Although fully employed with something else, I am a keen observer and picture maker that use the camera to express myself. Having done this since many many many years it is quite possible that I have a personal way of using the camera but that is up to you to decide and like or not like.

Here’s a shot from a neighboring town, Thyborøn.